How We Carefully Transport Your Motorcycle

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Our specialist motorcycle collection & delivery service is great for people buying motorbikes on ebay or who are buying a used bike that is currently some distance from home.

We proudly offer our motorcycle transportation service across the length and breadth of England, Wales and even into Europe.

Many of our bike-owning customers enjoy our safe and reliable service because they need to move or relocate their motorcycle temporarily or permanently.

Safe And Careful Motorcycle Collection & Delivery

In addition to moving newly purchased bikes: checking all paperwork and the condition, (if you are buying a used bike) we can also ensure bikers existing vehicles are moved with the utmost personal care.

On collection, our bike transport personnel achieve this by:

  • Very carefully loading your bike on to our purpose-evolved low wheel base vehicle.
  • Bike loading takes place via a specially designed 3m x 1m wide ramp
  • Your motorcycle is strapped securely with soft ties to the floor
  • Securing your bike with four strategically placed eye loops protect fragile parts
  • Bike Grab (as used by Yamaha UK and Suzuki UK) is used to stabilise your bike in an upright position when it is being transported
  • The vehicles floor is non-slip, oil and fuel resistant
  • We are insured to carry up to 4 motorcycles with a value of £25000 on a vehicle
careful motorcycle collection and delivery

Fixed Frame Security

We do not simply strap bikes to the side panels. In the event of an emergency stop this can create damage as bikes being carried can collide with each other and cause each other to topple and leading to customers having to claim for damages on insurance.  This is why we ride bikes into a fixed frame. also carry specialist insurance covering motorcycles themselves.

PJS also carry specialist insurance covering motorcycles themselves.

Tracking Your Motorbike During Collection & Delivery

We make tracking your motorbike or bikes easy during transportation.  If you are purchasing a used bike we will inform you of the condition of the motorbike before leaving the seller.

When we transport the bike, we provide you with a direct line that you can call to check on the progress of your vehicle transporter at any time, and to confirm the ETA.

Quick and precise updates are made available as to the location of your motorcycle with us at all times, giving you confidence and exceptional door to door service.

tracking your motorbike by phone